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      How a PEO salesperson Gets Paid

      AND WHY DO I CARE Some don’t do a lot – The average PEO salesperson makes $150,000 -$200,000 or more, and their annual quota is about 300 to 400 new employees a year. Not 300 new companies. (average employer size is 30 to 35 employees per company). This is why you should never go directly […]

      What is Sscooping and How Can I Look Out For It?

      Scooping is something you would never even think to ask? You most likely charge employees a portion of their benefit costs and hopefully are using a Section 125 Plan (the one you have filed and one you submit 5500’s for (that is another story)). Under the 125 plan, those contributions are deductible by the employee […]

      We Do Not Work for These PEOs

      Although we are often the largest wholesaler for many of the good ones – and the truth is there aren’t that many good PEOs and it may surprise you who is and who isn’t. We compare them all for you. Therefore like other brokers you have we shop and get you to best prices and […]

      How have PEOs Changed?

      Question: I shopped PEO’s before and they didn’t work – so what’s different now? Well, that depends on a few things such as when you shopped them last, among a variety of other factors. SBE479 Legislation CHANGED EVERYTHING:  Several years ago, the Federal Government passed an act which made the total industry far more professional […]


      The court finds HR Directors and CFO acting as trustees and benefits decision-makers can be held personally liable under E.R.I.S.A fiduciary duties While ERISA fiduciaries have often been challenged for allowing an ERISA retirement plan to pay excessive fees and expenses (such as in the context of a 401(k) plan), such claims have rarely been […]

      What is SBE479?

      The Background: Before this legislation, the large company buying groups were assisting small and medium-sized firms in operating better by sharing fortune 500 type tools and access to lower-cost, products and services. These options were offered to both member companies and to their employees. However under the existing tax code at the time, it was […]

      Top 5 reasons people DON’T get PEO quotes?

      Their broker told them PEOs are terrible.  They don’t want to spend the time on getting another quote (p.s. it doesn’t take a lot of your time if you use the right PEO broker).  They love their broker and think PEOs are like getting a quote from another insurance broker (but it is far from that – […]

      7 Reasons

      7 Reasons More Companies don’t know about or use section 479 plans. Is your small or medium-sized business becoming too hard to manage on the employee side? It’s one thing to run a growing business. It’s another thing to hire, manage, and maintain a healthy and happy workforce, but it’s pretty hard to grow your […]

      How to Choose a Reliable PEO?

      In Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a little girl searches for porridge that’s not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Your search for the right professional employer organization (PEO) requires a similar journey of taste-testing to find the perfect match for your company. As a co-employer, the PEO you choose will ultimately take […]

      My Renewal is Only 6%…?

      My group health insurance renewal is only 6%, why would I get another quote? Isn’t that a great renewal? It’s amazing how U.S. business owners have been brainwashed to believe that 6% is acceptable, or even great. 6% is three times more than inflation and it’s starting from a price that’s probably 20% too high […]