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    How a PEO salesperson Gets Paid


    Some don’t do a lot –

    The average PEO salesperson makes $150,000 -$200,000 or more, and their annual quota is about 300 to 400 new employees a year. Not 300 new companies. (average employer size is 30 to 35 employees per company). This is why you should never go directly to the PEO sales rep and work through a broker like us.

    So, you can do the math how much the PEO must add on to use their expensive direct sales force. SBE479 – ThePEOpeople, bypass the local salesperson and save you all that money.

    Plus, we have the clout to get:

    You’ll also get the modules you wouldn’t normally get!

    Because that PEO salesperson is only representing a single company, they will only try to steer you toward their direction. They aren’t telling you what is inferior to their only product. Macy’s doesn’t sell Gimbels.

    And once you sign on the dotted line with that salesperson, that’s usually the last you’ll see of them. Let us compare multiple PEOs for you. We know the good the bad and the ugly. We will help you find the best fit for you and your company. Not all PEOs are created equal.

    They’ve got 299 more customers to sign-up….

    Set up a time to find out more.

    S B E 4 7 9 / T H E PEO P E O P L E

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