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    My Renewal is Only 6%…?

    My group health insurance renewal is only 6%, why would I get another quote? Isn’t that a great renewal?

    It’s amazing how U.S. business owners have been brainwashed to believe that 6% is acceptable, or even great. 6% is three times more than inflation and it’s starting from a price that’s probably 20% too high in the first place.

    You may think that because every year your broker shops the few insurance markets left and no other insurance broker has done much better – so why bother – that is the way it is – high prices and you are trapped?

    ThePeoPeople.com is not an insurance broker! That is a big difference – AGAIN, WE ARE NOT ANOTHER INSURANCE BROKER CALLING YOU UP LIKE YOU GET CALLS EVERY DAY! We are America’s largest insurance buying group and get prices your broker does not have access to.

    We have $11 billion in premium behind us, your competitors use us, but your insurance broker does not (and cannot).

    Employee Benefits is one of your largest expense line items, one of your most important retention tools, one of your most important hiring arrows and you need to make sure it’s always as sharp as can be.

    By the way, if you get another quote from us your broker will not know that you’re shopping or looking for alternatives behind their backs – this is important to a lot of people. Again we are not insurance brokers, we are America’s largest buying group of health insurance, workers comp, and payroll. Why not give us a try – it takes literally 11 minutes of your time and can save you so much in time, money and so much more!

    Schedule a time to get fast quotes! Your PEO-OLOGIST is waiting to talk to you.

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