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    So, what is a PEO anyway?

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    Want to know more about how a PEO can help outsource your Human Resources? AND why thats a great thing?

      Human Resources Outsourcing

      Whether your HR department is abundant, or understaffed and under-resourced, you may be surprised to find that it’s still possible to make your department as great as it can be while staying within or even under your budget.

      Why outsource human resources? And what is HR outsourcing services?

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      What’s the benefit of HR outsourcing services?

      These days there are very few companies that have the ability & scale to afford in-house legal counsel or outside legal counsel, it’s a lot harder to manage than you’d think. This is where HR outsourcing comes in handy.

      In addition, many lack the manpower to handle HR expertise, benefits, WC, as well as being on the payroll full time at all locations all the time with the background and expertise of managing multiple clients and headaches.

      Firms that specialize in compliance to regulations sometimes also offer employee benefits, consulting, and brokerage services, providing business leaders with a one-stop shopping experience. When tailoring your benefits package for maximum competitive advantage, a consulting firm with a depth of experience can offer a perspective that ensures your benefits are tailored to attract the employees you need.

      Is HR outsourcing the solution?

      Retain Control:

      Easily maintaining the power and resources to do your team’s work.

      Stay under budget:

      Our guarantee program will make sure you are staying in (or even better), under budget!

      If it’s not hr outsourcing and it’s not in-sourcing, what could it possibly be?

      Well, it’s a combination of choosing the best of each with a PEO that can take on human resources and outsource hr services while retaining control and staying under budget.

      Why Outsource Human Resources?

      We know running small businesses can be hard. A PEO can help you run your business more efficiently while staying up to date on all laws.

      It will help with all your monotonous paperwork, benefits administration, monitoring employment regulations and reporting requirements, human resource tasks like hiring/firing and interviewing, and provide access to HR staff to help with training. While providing access to a wide range of medical, dental, retirement, 401k and other insurance offerings that give clients competitive, well-organized package options that help them attract talent, boost employee morale and retain their best employees.

      Also, don’t forget that some mistakes in HR management will not only hurt employee loyalty, but can lead to fines. Trusting your HR responsibilities to an employee who only deals with these issues on a part-time basis, or who isn’t sufficiently trained in HR matters, can cost you dearly.

      Compare PEOs

      What Industries do PEOs Serve?

      Our clients include all industries ranging from white, blue, and grey collar – from technology to manufacturing, to medical, staffing, hospitality, venture capital companies, etc. Our underwriters have quality providers in every vertical and industry – in every state, and every size from 25 to 5,000 employees.

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      How Do I Find One?

      Our job is to connect you with PEOs who are best suited to meet your business’s unique needs. Using the information you provide in our Universal Form, we can analyze your company’s needs and the services a PEO offers using our PEO comparison chart to find the best fit.

      Schedule a quick call with a PEO-OLOGIST. Give us a little information about your company and we will go out and get multiple quotes for you. It’s our job to help you find the best fit for you and your employees.

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      We Get You Access to Experts

      Access to experts. Make sure the PEO you partner with provides you with a designated team of experts who can handle your HR functions, risk management, benefits, and payroll needs. You want to partner with a company that provides specialists in each area, as well as a relationship manager who can help you use the services available to you to your full advantage.

      Sometimes the outsourced HR consultant doubles as a relationship manager, which is also a good option. The best companies have HR consultants who are certified by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). SHRM certification ensures that your HR consultancy account coordinator is more than just a relationship manager.

      Talk to a PEO-OLOGIST

      Talk to a PEO-OLOGIST

      Thinking of Outsourcing HR?

      When researching outsourced HR consultants, you will find ones that offer benefits brokerage services, payroll benefits, consulting, optimization, and renewal management, as well as some that will take full ownership of your HR administration. This can get very cumbersome and It’s hard to know who Is actually going to do a great job for you and your employees. Speak to our PEO-OLIGIST and we can get you multiple quotes from multiple companies to make sure we find the best fit.

      In the first case, you’re signing on with an experienced consultant who will help you design and get favorable pricing on your benefits; in the second case, you are essentially taking on a “partner” who will take over day-to-day responsibilities for the HR arm of your organization.

      Before outsourcing  HR, you need to balance what you can afford with what your company needs to provide in order to achieve the desired position within your industry. We will help you with this process. Talk to ONE person (your PEO-OLOGIST) and fill out ONE universal form and we will go and get quotes!

      Our Methodology

      We compiled a list of almost 700 PEO services after analyzing industry trends, considering companies featured on other review sites, reviewing top industry players and searching NAPEO’s (the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations) website.

      After analyzing their services, establishing whether they were national PEOs, reviewing their accreditation and NAPEO membership, and grading their online presence, we whittled the list down to the top selection’s that will best serve you and your employees.

      Tell us which PEOs you want quotes from hassle-free HERE.