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    It’s 2020 – by now you should have an HRIS system that does all the annoying, time-consuming stuff that you and your employees have to do. That’s why 160,000 businesses are turning to a professional employer organization (PEO), they’re like the iPhone of Human Capital.

    ThePEOPeople has been comparing PEO services for years, and the truth is comparing services, prices, and modules, as well as the integration of those modules and is really hard and really important. PEO services are complex and all these PEOs say they do everything. BUT THEY DO NOT – there are a wide range of differences between hr outsourcing, employee benefits management, and full-service

    PEO services you need to know that the direct PEO salespeople will never tell you!

    In the end, when you want to compare PEOs, it certainly is about more than just the employee benefit – because it hopefully becomes a marriage. But sometimes the people you want to marry look good on paper, (some PEO proposal and demo), but when you talk to friends, ex-partners and other people that married that person (PEO) then you get the full story.


    There are questions and processes you would never know unless you have been a user for a long time and/or have heard 100’s of companies that use the software about the problems (it’s always the details that matter) – what’s good and bad is.  

    In the end – you narrow it down to a few PEO vendors and the tiebreaker is the intangible – not the spreadsheet. What you don’t know is what will hurt you later – software upgrades, company issues, past renewals, style, etc..

    You need someone that can make the intangible, tangible – you need to know what other smart employers say after they’ve made what appeared to be a reasonable decision.

    It’s important to know who is complaining about what, that’s what the reality is. Not the spreadsheets and even the great looking demos and sales pitches.

    You need some totally objective, knowledgeable, unbiased recommendations from someone that really knows what it’s like to be married to this new partner.

    You need to know the things the PEO direct reps don’t want you to know.


    We, ThePEOPeople.com make the intangible absolutely tangible and keep you informed about the most important stuff you won’t find out other places & that you need to know. When you partner with a PEO, it manages your payroll, benefits, and other human resource functions under a co-employment model. Under this model, employees are on the PEO’s books, but they are still under your management.

    To help you find the best PEO service, we analyze and examined dozens of options including the largest PEO companies. Instead of talking to 10 different PEO salespeople you talk to ONE person, fill out ONE universal form, and get multiple quotes from any PEO. Then we help you find the best fit for you and your employees.


    How Do I Find One?

    Our job is to connect you with a professional employer organization that is best suited to meet the unique needs of your small business. Using the information you provide in our Universal Form, we can analyze your company’s needs and the services a PEO offers using our PEO comparison chart to find the best fit.

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    Our Methodology

    We compiled a list of almost 700 PEO services after analyzing industry trends, considering companies featured on other review sites, reviewing top PEO companies, and searching NAPEO’s (the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations) website. We’d love to share with you the top PEOs we think are worth getting quotes from.

    After analyzing their services, establishing whether they were national PEOs, reviewing their accreditation and NAPEO membership, and grading their online presence, we whittled the list down to the top selection’s that will best serve you and your employees.

    We get you quotes from any PEO hassle free. Tell us which PEOs you want quotes from HERE.


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    Not All PEOs are Created Equal

    They all sound the same and say they do the same things.
    They don’t! Different technology, prices, medical plans, renewals, service models, and more.
    There are 900+ PEOs in the nation, so how do you choose the best PEO?

    We help you through the maze. It’s all SBE479 does. We work for you.

    Don’t spend half your life talking to five different PEO salesmen. Let us get the Quotes for you, compare PEO companies and negotiate with them for you.

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