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How to PEO’s Protect Us from Fines and Penalties from the DOL and from E.R.I.S.A. Violations?

You are going to get sued as an employer – that is the world unfortunately.  Running a business with employees is really hard and the state, federal and even local laws continue to carry more enforcement and bigger penalties – and that’s before we get into form violations in PTO, overtime, sex discrimination, pay discrimination, 1099 vs. w-2 suits, Job offering, ACA reporting, etc.

PEOs actually protect you from most of this – their HR and legal staff are their to help you avoid these suits (even class actions suits). They protect you three ways actually; The Call – how do I fire this person without getting sued, The Documents – policies and documents in place in advance to pre-empt suits and protect you,  and actual HR lawsuit insurance protection called EPLI coverage. Lastly, they don’t just do it because they say they will like some vendor – they are actually liable also and will be sued along with  you, so they have skin in the game to protect both you and themselves. 

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Why Should Business Owners Opt for PEO Services?

This industry now has middlemen that actually tell you the truth! They save you money, cut out the expensive direct sales-y sales rep, and pass on the wholesale rates they get from the PEO’s. In addition to that they know who is good and bad and why – and they’ll save you tons of time making sure you don’t pick the wrong one!!

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What are the most important differentiators?

– Who has the service model you want and who has the technology that really makes it user friendly for you and your employees?

– Who really does have good long-term medical and workers comp renewals?

What they’re not is an insurance broker that doesn’t know anything about HR, or payroll.

They are not a payroll company that doesn’t know about HR or Benefits. Think of a PEO as an HR company that also does payroll, HR technology, and all the expertise of HR. PEOs are the iPhone of human capital with people behind them that enables you to run your company better and safer and much less expensively.