Have a Laugh

OK whoever thought making fun of the insurance and PEO industry was a thing?

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In a business that seems to be so focused on being professional and working hard, humor and funny videos may not be one of the things you expected to see, but trust us it can help you understand and become a bit more familiar with what the PEO industry is like.

Laughing really is the best stress reliever, well actually maybe more like second best.

Laughing creates feelings of happiness and joy – sort of like the feeling you get when you avoid the stress of picking the wrong PEO because you picked the right broker.

Well, being a CFO, an HR director, or HR administrator can be exciting but also can be stressful and a drag probably a little of both every day.

You deserve to laugh out loud – really loud, you deserve to be entertained and not always be so aggressively professional.

So, we’ve gathered a collection of humorous cartoon videos to show and explain the PEO industry to you in a funny, engaging and entertaining way.

Some we’ve created and some are videos that some of our customers have sent to us making fun of the industry after spending time making parodies and satirical videos.

Maybe you want to see a parody of a particular feature or vendor, let us know and we will send it out there and create it for you, or get help from others to create it for you as well.

Free stuff also features tons of information that’s not meant to be funny of course, but there is a good amount of entertaining content as well. Also curated and to the point.

We hope you enjoy this, please give us some feedback and forward it to others!

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