PEO Payroll Processing Services

One of the great things about PEOs is the payroll system. It’s a payroll system of course but it gets deeper than that, it’s a comprehensive employee database and human resource information system from soup to nuts, from hiring to firing, from onboarding to paperless administration.

So, whether you have a Florida payroll service, or, a Texas payroll service, or maybe even multiple states that need efficient and organized payroll services, we’ve got your back! That’s one of the additional ways PEO payroll processing services help – different HR requirements, different payroll requirements, different tax requirements (sound familiar?) and overall just a general headache to set up and manage correctly, on top of all of the other stresses you have to worry about when running a business.

How could you possibly deal with it unless you “sourced” that headache out to someone who is set up to do it every day for millions of people? You can try to sort through the clutter of payroll services and end up realizing years down the line you made a mistake that can cost you your business, or you can feel confident in the fact that ThePEOPeople will connect you with the right people to ensure your employees are happy, paid and working!

So, are PEOs the best payroll providers? Well there are a few pretty good companies like Paylocity, Paycom and Paycor but they don’t give you the advantage of reduced health insurance & Worker’s Comp. or some of the other savings that you get by combining everything together.

You know how sometimes you get a bundle when you group together more than one service? It can save you time, headaches and lawyer fees, and unless you know the people to help you make the right decision with your PEO payroll services you may end up finding yourself in a heap of trouble.

Don't leave yet! If we don't save you a tremendous amount of money, we promise to pay you $100 in our quote guarantee program!