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    As a Director of Human Resources Idra is very familiar with the balancing act it requires to make sure the needs of the employees are met while staying on budget. Listen as she describes our out of the box thinking that saves her tons of money!



    We strive to always be quick to respond to make this process as painless as possible. Sandy describes how great we are to work with and how we saved their company more than she ever thought possible!

    Adam B

    Adam Berkson

    President TSD Global
    Saved $120,000
    "It was amazing actually. I shopped direct for PEOs. I got quotes. Then we found SBE479. They saved us almost $120,000 in administrative fees and medical coverage with the same companies we got quotes from."

    Laura A

    Laura Aphonso

    Lightpath Technologies
    Saved on Medical
    "We had a PEO. SBE479 got us significantly lower admin rates, medical premiums, a better service model and better software. They made the process of comparing alternative PEOs easy. We totally recommend them. Even if you think you know everything about PEOs."

    Amanda R

    Amanda Rodriguez

    Director HR of Silvercare
    Organized our Whole HR Processes
    "There's no way we could've managed our growth without a PEO and SBE479 guided us through the pros and cons of the alternatives."

    Cody C

    Cody Clepper

    CFO of Carolina Filters
    Saved $500 Per Employee on Just Admin Fees, Plus Almost $100,000 on Medical (Almost 40%)
    "We saved almost $45 per employee per month on just PEO admin fees, plus better workers comp and medical rates by using SBE479 (ThePEOPeople.com)."

    Piyush Sharma

    Piyush Sharma

    COO Samuel Jewelers
    Saved $524,000
    "The first year we used SBE479, they saved us $524,000 compared to our broker with better benefits and better systems. They are great, professional and it was a pleasure. FYI our renewal this year was actually less than last year."

    Garrett Hall

    Garrett Hall

    I.T. Solutions
    Transformed the Way We Do Business
    "I never heard of these buying groups before. Honestly, it seemed odd, but when I had my CFO do our due diligence, it was very real. They wound up reducing our group medical costs significantly with a major insurance company. I totally recommend you listening to them and at least get a proposal."

    Gina Jehn

    Gina Jehn

    Saved $200,000
    "I was frustrated by going directly to the PEOs. I then found this website—they carefully listened to my company's needs, and selected a PEO that saved us more than $200,000 in medical renewals. They're simply a great group to work with."

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