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    Why Talk to Us First

    Before Calling a PEO Directly

    (What is a PEO broker anyway?)

    Avoid talking to five different PEO salespeople who only tell you how their PEO does everything, and that they get you all the services you need at the lowest and best prices. The truth is that no matter how much fluff and filler they tell you to try to convince you of the opposite, they won’t and can’t, but we can. 

    The Truth:

    1. Once you call them directly you are in their pipeline and the higher fees are charged automatically – don’t get caught in their trap!

    2. In fact, the direct reps charge a lot, they just try really hard to make sure you don’t realize this because it makes them money. It is cheaper to go through a master broker with clout and volume than it is to deal with someone just trying to hurry up and get money out of you.

    3. A PEO Broker will compare all the PEO’s honestly and give you an accurate breakdown of which options are the best for your business, ensuring you get what’s best for you and not just what’s ok in order to line someone else’s pockets.

    4. PEO direct reps certainly will not know the differences between all of them, and no matter how smart you are it’ll be extremely difficult to figure out all the important differences and nuances between them on your own – in fact, you’ll probably give up trying.

    5. ThePEOPeople.com will make sure you get more modules, lower administrative fees, lower medical costs, lower Workers’ Comp costs. We will make sure the implementation is done properly and will be there for an ongoing basis, because even if you pick the right PEO and they end up being amazing, there’s always the inevitable fact that everybody messes up at some point – and you need somebody with power to help you that can call the CEO of the PEO and solve your issues right away.

      BONUS #6

    6. We will find the right PEOs out of the more than 700 that fit your industry, your size, your location, your style, and ultimately your business. We find the good ones, not the ones that are about to be taken over, have employees leaving en masse or have clients leaving them for reasons that you would never know.

    We guarantee you quotes back in two weeks, we will donate $100 if we can’t save you significantly on your quote, and $25 to your favorite charity just to give you a quote and the opportunity to save money.

    In short, what we do is save you money, time, and we tell you the truth.

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    Especially when it is less expensive to have a Professional Guide Help you through the PEO Jungle.
    How to Select a PEO or Employee Leasing Company

    Guidelines for Selecting a PEO

    How ThePEOPeople.com Can Help

    Compile a description of your business, work comp, employee benefits, and service requirements that are important to you and your company. Our evaluation reveals and prioritizes your current and future service requirements matching your company with only the PEOs that specialize in those service requirements.
    Find PEOs that are operating in your state(s) and are licensed, also find PEOs that are seeking your type of business and risk criteria. We only match you with PEOs operating and licensed in your locations. Our dynamic matching process and expertise quickly identifies the PEOs that specialize in and understand your business, size, industry and geography and style
    Talk to PEO salespeople. Provide each PEO information, given each company that required paperwork and wait for everyone to call you to ask more questions continually. Maybe even find time to do your job in between. ThePEOPeople.com’s proprietary Request for Proposal (RFP) process provides your requirements to only the PEOs meeting your precise requirements. We have THE UNIVERSAL RFP FORM accepted by all – yes, one form. You have one professional point of contact (hint: you don’t have to talk to 5 PEO salespeople constantly).
    Collect and compile the 20-page PEO proposals from each that are never consistent and try to find all the hidden information you need to ask. ThePEOPeople.com assists in all coordination and follows through to quickly get competitive PEO proposals.
    Analyze, evaluate and compare! Review PEO proposals administration fees, work comp rates, SUTA rates and cut off times, minimum payroll requirements and frequency. Assess the technology and HRIS system provided by the PEO. We provide independent references from our client base whom are using the PEOs you are considering.
    Make your selection. And hope you didn’t make a mistake that ends up getting you fired. ThePEOPeople.com compiles all proposal data into a straight forward comparison report. This provides you with a side by side comparison of services and a full break down of all applicable costs.

    Why ThePEOPeople.com?

    One day CEOs will understand the value of an HR department – before it’s too late.

    Think of your company as a car. Your CEO’s vision of the company, patents and other intellectual property may be the body, the driving force that helps you advance – but your people are the most valuable asset of the company, they are the gas and the engine to your well-oiled machine.

    With our PEO HR outsourcing services, you can rest assured that your employees will be taken care of like a valuable member of your team should be.

    It’s a common belief that companies only care about their profit and their bottom line, often leaving their employees in the dust but with our PEO HR advisory services you can be sure each & every member of your staff feels like they’re part of a community – no, like a family.

    It is crucial that you are able to tackle the challenge of making sure:

    • Your employees have the right skills necessary to complete their assigned task.

    • That those skills are utilized to the best of their abilities.

    • That their creativity is nurtured, managed and allowed to flow in a way that increases productivity and efficiency for the company.

    • That their organizational talents and execution skills are harnessed to allow them to properly contribute to the projects they are working on without hindrance.

    • That your employees are loyal beyond their paychecks – you get better work from someone who actually likes their job than you do from someone who just tolerates it.

    • That they drink the Kool-Aid and that even their spouses drink the Kool-Aid, being fully committed to helping push forward the company and being proud to do so.

    Give it some thought.

    Can our PEO HR advisory services, and other HR services help you attain these objectives that are critical to the success, growth, profitability, and scalability of your company?

    Still thinking? We’ll give you a hint: The answer is Yes – well… depending on the needs of your company.
    Read on to find out when to use them and what to avoid in HR outsourcing and PEO HR advisory services.

    Humans are Humans.

    Always remember that humans are humans with all the frailties of our species. We all have the potential to feel a certain way one day and feel the complete opposite the next, and you can only bank on loyalty so far.

    You have to acknowledge that there’s always the possibility of a lawsuit at some point – whether it’s caused from within your company or from outside – that some of your people will become dissatisfied and they will sue you – and more often than not they’re the same ones you would never suspect. Even worse than is that oftentimes they’re the disgruntled employees you always had a sneaking fear would, you just didn’t think you could do anything about it – or could you?

    How do you…


    Identify your HR risks?

    HR Risks

    Protect yourself, and even turn them around to be your advocates! What if you could turn your silent rivals into your vocal allies?


    Eliminate the Fear?

    Business Protection

    With the help of our PEO HR Services for Small Businesses, you can eliminate the fear of having everything you’ve worked hard for crumble instantly.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was destroyed in one.

    Don’t be Rome, keep your employees at home with PEO HR outsourcing from The PEO People.

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