Have a PEO?

    Top 5 reasons people DON’T get PEO quotes?

    1. Their broker told them PEOs are terrible. 
    2. They don’t want to spend the time on getting another quote (p.s. it doesn’t take a lot of your time if you use the right PEO broker). 
    3. They love their broker and think PEOs are like getting a quote from another insurance broker (but it is far from that – it is accessing bulk buying that your broker doesn’t have access to and doesn’t want you to know about. Plus your broker won’t know your getting quotes because they don’t have this bulk buying power. It’s a different system altogether.)
    4. You got a quote years ago and it wasn’t good – (but the industry has changed dramatically after the federal act came out to regulate this industry and technology has allowed you do things you couldn’t before, and the private market health rates still keep going up.) 
    5. A major reason to get these quotes is honestly it is your job and now the courts have just made you actually personally liable if you don’t make sure you get the best deals for your employees under ERISA. 

    What is the process to get a PEO quote and to make sure we pick the right one? 

    The truth is it can be really time-consuming and confusing even if you already have a PEO and know what you want.  Gathering the proper information is not the time-consuming part – that should take about 20 minutes at the most and it is generally the same information you are used to gathering to shop Medical Insurance. The time-consuming part is listening to all the salespeople all sound the same and all asking you the same questions and all telling you how terrific their PEO is and in many cases filling out different forms with the same information for them.  Then part two – they all ask for more information with mostly the same questions and sometimes different forms and questions. That is really annoying.  They get you quotes that are kind of hard to compare because the services all sound the same but how they are actually delivered is incredibly different and for you to really find out this you then need to do a deep dive into each type of service (and of course the medical plans never match up) and then demos  – and the truth is you still will not know everything you need to know. And if you get past all that you need to read their confusing contracts that all have incredible language in their favor that you can and must change and add to.  It goes on and on and that ignores negotiation for price and modules and guarantees.  WOW.   

    Or you can use one professional third party to do most of this and tell you the truth and get you better prices and allow you to do your job while they are doing all this work.  These are called PEO Brokers  – just like you use your insurance brokers – they don’t charge a fee and work for you not the PEOs and have wholesale discount prices and make sure you don’t pick the wrong PEO or even if you should have a PEO. But it is important here which PEO broker you pick – hint only select a PEO who is only a PEO broker, not an insurance agent and only one that has staff and clout – most are single and small PEO salespeople. 

    Set up a time with a PEO-OLOGST and start comparing PEO quotes.

    Or tell us which PEOs you’d like to compare before even talking to anyone.

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