PEO Consulting Firms

So, what is a PEO consultant or PEO consulting company or PEO consulting firm?

Well in most industries consulting companies generally charge fees and provide canned answers. They have a list of questions and a list of answers that go to those questions, and you usually get some type of generic or automated response when you want to go deeper into what’s included with these fees.

PEO consulting services may seem complex or confusing, but what we really are is a bridge. There are companies that want to help the businesses they work with get the best programs for their employees, and businesses who want their employees to be taken care of and their business to be secure – and we connect the two and eliminate the stress and headaches of trying to figure out who to trust.

We’ve been doing it for years, DECADES even. We know the ins and outs of PEOs and collaborating with them to ensure the best of both worlds, keeping you from being taken advantage of (especially since you usually don’t realize you are until it’s too late). With us, you’re dealing with real, experienced PEO consultants that know what they’re doing & know how to do it.

Our team has always been a brokerage company. We don’t charge fees and only earn our money if we find options that are great for you. We don’t just sign clients to get paid off of fees, we genuinely care about getting the best for you and the people you’re responsible for taking care of. Our PEO Consulting services are designed around simple aligned objectives with you and your company.

It’s not billable hours and time – it’s results we deliver, or we don’t get paid. We aren’t into PEO consulting for the money, we’re into it for the better options we’re able to get for businesses to take care of their employees, the better conditions their workers are able to secure for them. Better conditions mean better moods, better moods mean better work, better work means more profit & sales – so basically just making one small change and selecting the right PEO can be a snowball effect that can advance your company.

We are Objective. We are in this for one thing, to help businesses take better care of their people. We are PEO Consulting done right – not caring about the vendor, but only caring about our clients. We are into negotiating and getting the best deal, not just spreadsheeting and putting you on a client list – but getting together with you and talking about the real practical truth in each of the cells of a spreadsheet and the best way to get the plans that do the most for you.

All that being said beware of those companies that are PEO consulting services and charge for overly academic analysis, sometimes all of those big words and terms are meant to confuse and distract you from the fact that they really don’t know what they’re talking about in-depth.

If someone can’t explain their services to you in a way that a 5th grader can understand, there’s a good chance they don’t understand it enough themselves and are just repeating what they heard from somewhere else. Which would you rather have – someone trying to fool you with complex charts and big phrases, or the straightforward real experience and practical answers of multiple clients with multiple PEO’s with YEARS in the business?

The choice is obvious, isn’t it?

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