The PEO People | June 21, 2019


(although we are often the largest wholesaler for many of the good ones – an the truth is there aren’t that many of them and it may surprise you who is and who isn’t)

Therefore like other brokers you have we shop and get you best prices and tell you the truth about these PEOs – the good, the bad and sometimes the hidden really ugly
And one thing you don’t want to is to Pick the Wrong PEO for reasons that you could have avoided and should have known about.

We make sure you don’t pick the wrong PEO.


We get better rates then you going directly to each PEO directly. We know the truth about each PEO. The real truths that the direct PEO sales people will not tell you since that is the only company they can sell.

We saves you the time, effort and definitely money vs. shopping yourself. On – admin fees, medical premiums, WC premiums and set up fees.

We know the technology of each PEO.

We know the service issues.

We know the modules inside and out – who is user friendly in real life not just in a demo.

We don’t charge a fee but we do get paid by the PEOs on the backend. Our fees are low but we do a lot of volume. Your costs including our fees are much less then rates that you will get on directly – their direct sales forces are very expensive and are bigger low cost channel and we pass that on to you.

After we get involved you will still have direct access to the PEOs but working with – We will get you the right demo people, the right service people, the right implementation people, because we know who’s good and who’s bad at each and believe me you only want the good ones.

Do not give the PEOs the information directly because then you will then get trapped in their retail pricing system, no matter what that PEO sales person says – we buy at wholesale – they are retail and retail prices for as long as you are with them on this large line item.

If you already have an RFP – what’s really behind the answers they check off – they will all check off they do everything – what is more important is how do they do it.

Set up a time to find out more.

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