Have a PEO?

    Does a PEO Really Save Me Money?

    Why is a PEO Cheaper Than Going Directly to an Insurance Company?

    Why is a PEO cheaper they going directly to an insurance company for the same health insurance with the same insurance company?

    1. Size Does Matter: PEO’s are the largest medical buying groups for health insurance in America. They have over $11 Billion Dollars in buying power and under federal act (unavailable to your insurance broker) a PEO can aggregate the groups together for better negotiations and other cost efficiencies. Your insurance agent cannot even if they are giant and even if you love them.
    2. Swim in a clean pool! When your broker shops your benefits with the few carriers left in your area, the ACA requires them to take all companies – good risks and bad risks at mostly the same rates (age adjusted). PEO’s don’t have to take the bad risks! The skim the good risks.  So, if you can get in that claims pool you are golden. PEOs therefore have much better claims experience – and therefore the rates are significantly less then then when your insurance broker gets you rates your own.  Another important note – because of this not only are the rates lower when you join the PEO BUT their renewals tend to be half that of the private market – and that compounding is really important to your bottom line and employee satisfaction and retention.
    3. Lastly, because PEO’s provide a fully integrated HRIS – payroll, benefits, administration, enrollment, compliance (not just benefits compliance but full HR compliance – you know protection from the HR stuff you might/will get sued about – hiring, workplace stuff, fmla, overtime, terminations) and education service – it’s much more efficient for the insurance companies and for you – generally 20 to 30% less than your current costs!


    Really, what do you have to lose by getting a quote?

    (PS your insurance broker doesn’t want sell you a PEO – they get 90% less commission plus it is not really their business)

    Why is a 6% Renewal Not Acceptable?

    My group health insurance renewal is only 6%, why would I get another quote? Isn’t that a great renewal?


    It’s amazing how U.S. business owners have been brainwashed to believe that 6% is acceptable, or even great. 6% is three times more than inflation and it’s starting from a price that’s probably 20% too high in the first place.


    You may think that because every year your brokers shops the few insurance markets left and no other insurance broker has done much better and you like your broker – so why bother – that is the way it is – high prices and you are trapped?


    ThePeoPeople.com is not an insurance broker! That is the big difference – AGAIN, WE ARE NOT ANOTHER INSURANCE BROKER CALLING YOU UP LIKE YOU GET CALLS EVERY DAY!  We are America’s largest insurance buying group and gets prices your broker does not have access to.


    We have $11 billion in premium behind us, your competitors use us, but your insurance broker does not (and cannot).


    Employee Benefits is one of your largest expense line items, one of your most important retention tools, one of your most important hiring arrows and you need to make sure it’s always as sharp as can be.


    By the way, if you get another quote from us your broker will not know that you’re shopping or looking for alternatives behind their backs – this is important to a lot of people. Again we are not insurance brokers, we are America’s largest buying group of health insurance, workers comp and payroll. Why not give us a try – it takes literally 11 minutes of your time and can save you so much in time, money and so much more!

    4 Reasons to Use ThePEOPeople vs Going Directly to the PEO


    1 – We cut out the expensive direct salesforce that generally makes up to 20% of the fees that they charge you.

    2 – Our sales volume and contracts give your company complete access to our wholesale channel rates.

    3 – Because the PEO’s know we shop the coverages and because of our ability to negotiate, we make sure you get all the modules and price breaks available at no extra cost to you.

    And 4 – Our personal relationships with the salespeople and the PEO executives enables us to get you the best rates.

    P.S. This is really important when you really need help for finding a solution to a service problem in the future.

    Here is an example of a company that we had go directly to a major PEO, and then we went to that PEO independently through the wholesale channel – look at the price differences!

    Annual Cost – 126 employee manufacturing firm

    Also check out our testimonials and videos.

    So How Do You Save Me Money?

    We have the clout to get you lower admin rates, lower set up fees, lower medical costs, and lower worker’s comp costs. We leave no stone unturned and have decades of experience choosing the right services for you, getting the modules you wouldn’t normally get! We tell you everything you can get and make sure nothing is left out, while also getting them for less than the PEO direct salesperson (who you will never see again after the sale) would!

    They’re a big franchise supermarket chain – they couldn’t care less about the average, daily customer as their way of thinking is “We’ll just get more,” but we treat you like family, like a valued member of the community.

    Because that PEO salesperson is only representing a single company, they will only try to steer you toward their direction.  They aren’t telling you what is inferior with their only product, and they’ll do whatever it takes to turn you into just another client on their list. It’s easy to overlook the problems they have if they hide all of them from you in the first place. You need to go to the people who care about getting the best for you and your employees. Macy’s doesn’t sell Gimbels.

    The difference between us is we treat you like a person – they just treat you like another client on a spreadsheet, and once you sign on the dotted line with that salesperson that’s usually the last, you’ll see of them. They’ve got 299 more customers to sign-up and you’re immediately put on the backburner.

    Are there other nickel and dime fees we need to know?

    The answer can be yes – another reason you really need a professional to let you know all this and which PEO’s have what fees you may not know to even look at. Often when people receive the quote they ask if that includes health insurance, Worker’s Comp and unemployment and the answer to that is no.

    But what about Administrative fees?

    PEOs really have an extraordinary range – they can be anywhere from $49 per month per employee to over $150 a month per employee. Yes, that sounds high but remember you probably save way more than that on the Medical, Workers Comp and Unemployment. Some PEOs also charge a percentage of a payroll basis, and this is often the best pricing model for those companies with lower-paid employees. Those costs might range from 2 to 3.5% of payroll. (some also charge by check)

    So do PEOs actually save you money?

    The answer is usually yes, however not always. It depends on what you’re spending on health insurance, participation in your plans, etc. They generally can save a lot of money, buy it varies depending on your situation. But, the truth is you never know, and it’s worth the effort to get quotes because sometimes it’s dramatically cheaper. Choose an experienced PEO broker to help figure this out – they are objective, actually save you money, and save you from having to talk to 5 different PEO salespeople and finding the right PEO’s to compare.