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    • Access to Our Wholesale Prices ・ No Fees, No Commitments・Get Quotes and Straightforward Answers ・ Get Lower medical and Workman's Comp costs ・ We have no allegiances to any company・The Largest Independent Broker Firm

    NEWS UPDATE: ThePEOPeople donates $25,000 to Einstein Hospital.

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    Philadelphia PA: ThePEOPeople.com and it’s founder Eric Raymond are paying for healthcare workers of the Einstein Hospital System, to be housed in hotels and Airbnb and/or college campus arrangements.

    Many healthcare workers did not want to go home every night to protect their loved ones and to make sure they are rested for the next day.

    According to Mr. Raymond – funding will last for as long as it takes and if our healthcare workers want to take advantage of it Mr. Raymond is on the board of the Albert Einstein Health Network System.

    Don’t call the PEOs direct.
    Buy at wholesale.
    Don’t get stuck in their retail pricing system.
    Don’t pay high admin fees or setup fees.
    Most importantly don’t pick the wrong one for the wrong reasons.

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    Sleep Better. Make More. Work Easier.

    With lower medical costs and workman’s comp, you’ll make more. And with one HRIS system, you can say goodbye to Excel and multiple vendors. Employee or government lawsuits? They’re a thing of the past. 160,000 other businesses, employing 3.7 million people, were also looking to sleep easier. Getting companies the Best options for 30 years, we wrote the book. They all sound great most of them are not. We know the difference. It’s what we do.


    What exactly is a PEO?

    It’s a Professional Employment Organization which offers Payroll Benefits, HR, and Compliance– all in one convenient place. A PEO simplifies your life so you can focus on the things that matter, like growing your business. Best of all, you can save a significant amount off medical and workers’ compensation.

    Your employees gain access to big-business employee benefits such as:

    Medical icon Medical 401(K) icon 401(K) Dental icon Dental Life icon Life
    What is a PEO anyway?


    Group Medical at Wholesale Prices

    Our buying groups have over $11 billion dollars of premium– that’s leverage insurance brokers don’t have. Apples to apples plans (possibly even more and better choices!) relative to your current programs with the major carriers.

    Get Fortune 100 benefits at a fraction of the cost.

    Get Free Quotes Fast!

    Sounds great!

    Yes, but not All PEOs are Created Equal.

    They all sound the same and say they do the same things. They don’t! Different technology, prices, medical plans, renewals, service models, and more. There are 900+ PEOs in the nation, so how do you choose? We help you through the maze. It’s all SBE479 does. We work for you. Don’t spend half your life talking to five different PEO salesmen. Let us get the Quotes for you, compare them and negotiate them better than you can.

    PICK 5 (or more) PEOs you want a quote from.

    Get quotes from up to 50 companies including...

    Click on any icon below and we get quotes and compare them for you:














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      We are the ‘Priceline.com’ of PEOs.

      In minutes, our team can assess which PEO is best suited to your company’s needs. Every PEO is unique, so you need an expert who knows which one can deliver for you. The PEOs will say they do everything well, but we know that isn’t the case. We know who can deliver for you.

      Sure we save you time, but it’s also cheaper to go through us as well. As the largest PEO broker, we have clout with these organizations which means significant cost savings. Find out the other reasons SBE479 has your back and why we have 97% customer retention:

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      Secret #1: How much does a PEO really cost?

      Their pricing is complicated you need to know why. Don't call PEOs directly and get trapped with higher costs. Call us first!

      Secret #2: What Your Broker Isn’t Telling You!

      Insurance brokers make a lot less if you go with a PEO. They say they know a lot about PEOs, but they don’t. They don’t know about payroll, HR, compliance and recruiting. You know, your everyday headaches and challenges. PEOs and PEO brokers do.

      Secret #3: Does Your PEO Scoop?

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      About SBE479

      Voted the #1 PEO broker. It’s not just about saving you money and time, although we of course do that. It’s really about protecting you from making some wrong decisions, and that is what our clients tell us is most important to them.

      Click below to find out why our organization and story is important to you.

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      Happy Clients Decorative: 5 stars

      Mr. Adam Berkson

      Adam Berkson

      President TSD Global

      Saved $120,000

      "It was amazing actually. I shopped direct for PEOs. I got quotes. Then we found SBE479. They saved us almost $120,000 in administrative fees and medical coverage with the same companies we got quotes from."

      Ms. Laura Alphonso

      Laura Alphonso

      Lightpath Technologies

      Saved on Medical

      "We had a PEO. SBE479 got us significantly lower admin rates, medical premiums, a better service model and better software. They made the process of comparing alternative PEOs easy. We totally recommend them. Even if you think you know everything about PEOs."

      Ms. Amanda Rodriguez

      Amanda Rodriguez

      Director HR of Silvercare

      Organized our Whole HR Processes

      "There's no way we could've managed our growth without a PEO and SBE479 guided us through the pros and cons of the alternatives."

      Mr. Cody Clepper

      Cody Clepper

      CFO of Carolina Filters

      Saved $500 Per Employee on Admin Fees, plus almost $100,000 on Medical (Almost 40%)

      "We saved almost $45 per employee per month on just PEO admin fees, plus better workers comp and medical rates by using SBE479."

      Mr. Garrett Hall

      Garrett Hall

      I.T. Solutions

      Transformed the Way We Do Business

      "I never heard of these buying groups before. Honestly, it seemed odd, but when I had my CFO do our due diligence, it was very real. They wound up reducing our group medical costs significantly with a major insurance company. I totally recommend you listening to them and at least get a proposal."

      Ms. Gina Jehn

      Gina Jehn


      Saved $200,000

      "I was frustrated by going directly to the PEOs. I then found this website—they carefully listened to my company's needs, and selected a PEO that saved us more than $200,000 in medical renewals. They're simply a great group to work with."

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      Choosing the right PEO can be hard. Let us make the process for you easy. Call us today!

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