Why ThePEOPeople.com

Finding the right PEO and employee leasing solutions is our business.

Consistently saving clients 25% on PEO services, having a 98% retention rate and annual reviews are just a few of the things that set ThePEOPeople.com apart. Thanks to our 30 years of experience, relationships and our clout – we pass our volume discounts directly on to you, but just as importantly we tell you what the PEO’s aren’t telling you about their PEO you need to know.

Plus, we’re always looking for ways to reduce your risk associated with managing human resources, such as taking proactive measures to minimize workers comp claims abuse.

Our Unique Process

Which one of the over 700 PEO companies can deliver what you need?

Put ThePEOPeople.com’s exclusive system and smart experienced professions to work for you.

How do you know what reasonable pricing is for employee leasing services? What key benchmarks should you use to evaluate different providers? The questions are endless.

Our Guarantee

Because of our Volume, Experience, and Contracts with PEOs

We Guarantee

  • Quotes back in two weeks (and you deal with one professional objective team – not 5 different PEO salespeople).

  • $100 if we can’t save you significantly (you can be the judge) on your  Medical Premium and Workers’ Comp Programs and HRIS systems (all apples to apples or better of course).

  • We will donate on your behalf $25 to your favorite charity just to get you a free comparison report.


Our promise is to source, compare, and negotiate with the PEO’s that will provide you peace of mind with workers comp insurance and risk management services for your industry, and empower you to work on your business not in your business so you can focus on growth and not HR and administrative tasks.

In Fact, if we don’t do this, we will pay you $100 just for opportunity to help you make your life better. ThePEOPeople.com saves you the time required to source a solution. We evaluate the pages upon pages of proposal documents and provide you with an easy to read analysis of costs and service options (and everything is apples to apples).

ThePEOPeople.com doesn’t sell you a solution, ThePEOPeople.com advises you on the best solutions.

Call today to get started with a more powerful source for PEOs!

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