Have a PEO?

    Why Not Use your Regular Insurance Broker?

    The short answer is that they don’t want you using a PEO because they make a lot less (like 75% less than they do now from you going through them), and no you don’t lose any services by selecting a good PEO vs the insurance broker you have become friends with.  They will attempt to scare you into not using a PEO because they really don’t understand them, and to them they sound the same but because you are getting medical insurance but it is a totally different industry. Your insurance broker doesn’t understand HR, payroll, or the other insurances – would you ask your medical broker to do your Property and Casualty, or vice versa? No, of course not, because they have no incentive personal, no clout, not enough knowledge, maybe have a relationship with one or two only… I think you get the point – Get a professional who only does PEO brokerage – it’s too important for you, your company and for you personally.

    Link to visual example here.

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