The PEO People | March 5, 2019

PEOs for Dummies

First of all, I never like that title, but we’ve somehow all accepted that saying something is “for dummies” means that this blog or book will make it simple to understand what’s important. 

That is what this blog will do.

And it’s pretty important to understand something as complicated as a PEO.

The great thing about PEOs is that, although they may seem complicated, they also make things simple. PEOs combine several complicated services and products in one easy platform. In a sense, they are the iPhone of human capital.  

That doesn’t mean that finding the right one or even deciding if a PEO is right for you is simple.

Asking the right questions (about each component) and doing all of the comparisons is not simple.

Determining if they will work for you is not simple.

Knowing what goes on behind the scenes that isn’t on the spreadsheets – their software, services, renewals, and pricing – is not simple to find out. (The PEO salesperson certainly isn’t telling you everything that might be a problem with their company.)

So, is there an easy way to learn quickly before you spin your wheels and waste your time? Yes, and that’s part of what this blog will help you with.

Check back tomorrow for more about PEOs for Dummies!

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