The PEO People | May 30, 2019

What PEO’s Don’t Do?

Some don’t do a lot –

What most PEOs don’t recruit–they are not staffing operations or leasing companies.

Some will do actual employee relations, disciplinary action, etc. But most do not.
Most will do training, but it is primarily discrimination, and sexual harassment.
Many also will have online training classes on everything from Excel to OSHA to leadership skills in multiple languages.

Since the PEO will be replacing your broker, do they do everything that a broker does?
And the answer is yes– they will come out to meet your employees (at least most -will) They will do on-boarding in-person and provide everything in HR paperlessly.

– Some don’t do FMLA, overtime alerts, or time attendance
with GPS paperless I-9 forms
– Some don’t automatically provide all the required forms
automatically as part of the package where ever that employee is eligible.o
– Some don’t even do ACA reporting and compliance automatically.

Perhaps the most important
differentiators are:

– Who has the service model you want and who
has the technology that really makes it user
friendly for you and your employees?
– Who really does have good long-term medical
and workers comp renewals?

What they’re not is an insurance broker that
doesn’t know anything about HR, or payroll.
They are not a payroll company that doesn’t
know about HR or Benefits.

Think of a PEO as an HR company that also
does payroll, HR technology, and all the
expertise of HR.

PEOs are the iPhone of human capital with
people behind them that enables you to run
your company better and safer and much less

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