Peo Employee Leasing

Are PEO‘s companies that can provide ‘PEO employee leasing services’? Well, that’s how it all started – they were originally staffing companies or employee leasing companies that primarily operated in employee leasing services. Sometimes they were even used to play recruiting companies to assist businesses in getting Worker’s Comp. When the state wouldn’t provide it or for highly paid doctors who wanted to get defined benefit plans and pensions for themselves but not give it to their employees.

The concept originated in the 1960s by three businessmen – Eugene Boffa, Louis Calmare, and Joseph Martinez, but was further popularized by Marvin R. Selter.

Today all of that has changed, and the industry is the valve to take the big step from small business to professional, to have the ability to focus your time on building your company into what you have always dreamed it could be.

PEO employee leasing allows you to put an end to all the headaches of employee benefits and insurance management, allowing you to scale your company, take care of your workers and get better prices for all of your employee care plans across the board.

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