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    We wrote the book on PEOS.

    And we wrote another book on what PEOs are all about in the first place and how to make sure you get the best price and most importantly don’t pick the wrong one.

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      What we, as a PEO broker, can do for you that your average insurance broker cannot:

      1. Give you access to wholesale prices to all the PEOs.

      2. Tell you the truth the good and the bad for each one (the info their direct sales people won’t tell you).

      3.Have a single universal form instead of different forms you need to submit for each company.


      4. Getting a straightforward comparison of services and plans for each of the PEOs (believe it or not this is very time consuming and hard to do).

      5. Get the right and best demo service and implementation teams when you are ready form a company that has the power and clout to do that for you.

      6. Get a real ROI on these PEOs.


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      Does Shopping Directly Sound too Horrible?

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