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    When you partner with Prestige Employee Administrators, Inc., your company will be Surrounded By Service – a comprehensive array of services to care for your staff and ease the burden that complex, time-consuming and costly employment-related rules, regulations and filing requirements placed on your firm.

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    Prestige = Surrounded by Service!

    Prestige Employee Administrators, Inc. was founded in 1998 as an outgrowth of a firm specializing in providing employee benefit programs and health and other insurance to businesses. Today, that insurance and benefits expertise is one of the cornerstones of Prestige; an area where the firm excels, with outstanding health, dental and retirement programs. Building upon that expertise, Prestige has added a comprehensive array of services including state of the art payroll processing as well as an innovative management of workplace safety risks, workers compensation, and unemployment claims processing.

    In addition, all worksite employees have access to prompt answers to questions and assistance with problems via our toll-free Fast-Answer Tele-Center during business hours and via our state of the art website 24 hours a day.

    One of the things we are most proud of is at Prestige we maintain a 95% retention rate on our portfolio of clients.

    What Sets Prestige Apart?
    Like all PEOs, Prestige is, in essence, a “purchasing cooperative” joining many small and medium-sized businesses together. By purchasing for a much larger group, employment costs are driven way down and a high level of professional human resource services can be provided to all member firms.

    What sets Prestige apart from other PEO companies is the transparent manner with which we conduct their business. Simply put, Prestige shows every member company exactly how much is being paid for every item. So, as an employer, you know exactly what you are getting and how much you are paying. You can compare and evaluate everything. Prestige makes a fair profit by charging a clearly stated fee per employee. This approach is often in contrast to obscured costs and bundled pricing prevalent with other PEOs. Using this approach, Prestige has a powerful incentive to aggressively work on your behalf to keep costs down while offering a highly competitive package of employee benefits and human resource support services. In contrast, many other PEO companies obscure their costs, so they keep any savings from the relationship and don’t pass them along to you! To us, that’s double-dipping.

    Seeking Long-Term Relationships
    Prestige seeks long-term relationships and forms true working partnerships with member companies. These relationships are built on trust, open communication, and financial transparency. The companies we seek to partner with understanding that people are their #1 asset, they value outside expertise and they, too, seek long-term win-win relationships. Companies don’t approach us because we are a cheap or quick fix, but rather because they understand that Prestige represents a better way to care for their employees and to handle the “business of employment.”