Have a PEO?

    4 Reasons to Use ThePEOPeople vs Going Directly to the PEO


    1 – We cut out the expensive direct salesforce that generally makes up to 20% of the fees that they charge you.

    2 – Our sales volume and contracts give your company complete access to our wholesale channel rates.

    3 – Because the PEO’s know we shop the coverages and because of our ability to negotiate, we make sure you get all the modules and price breaks available at no extra cost to you.

    And 4 – Our personal relationships with the salespeople and the PEO executives enables us to get you the best rates.

    P.S. This is really important when you really need help for finding a solution to a service problem in the future.

    Here is an example of a company that we had go directly to a major PEO, and then we went to that PEO independently through the wholesale channel – look at the price differences!

    Annual Cost – 126 employee manufacturing firm

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