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    Why is it cheaper and better to use a PEO broker?

    Why is it cheaper and better to use a PEO broker vs. calling the PEO directly – doesn’t a broker cost me more? 

    100% the opposite!

    PEO direct reps cost the PEOs a lot and they add on a lot to your cost – a lot maybe 20%!  We cut out that expensive bias change and give you access to our wholesale prices, plus we’re objective so we know the good, the bad, and the ugly – the truth about each. Read more about the benefits of using a PEO Broker here.

    That direct salesman is not telling you the pros and cons of them vs the competition – they sell you their company or they don’t get paid – plus as we said they add on up to 20% over our prices with the same PEO. Also, there are over 700 different PEO companies to choose from. How do you know the right ones to pick in the first place – their ads? A quality broker knows who is right for your size, location, industry, service level needs, and other requirements. And most importantly, frankly, who will make your life great or miserable.

    Compare as many PEOs as you like Hassle-Free here. We’ll get you side by side comparisons.

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