Your PEOLOGIST will guide you through the maze.

Is your business becoming too hard to manage on the employee side? It’s one thing to run a growing business. It’s another thing to hire, manage, and maintain a healthy and happy workforce. But it’s pretty hard to grow your business without one.

Fully Integrated Systems?

In the past, most PEO‘s were not really fully integrated. The systems just really didn’t work well together even if they were the same platform, and most were simply a patchwork of systems.

Now many – but definitely not all – have fully integrated systems that: Are user-friendly, easy to implement, and seriously help with running a business.

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There are 700 PEOs to choose from.

Take a glimpse at 3 to see just how difficult this process can be and why you should let us do the negotiating.

A peak into the shopping process:

Administration Fees

Set up fees, administration fees, termination fees, nickle and dime costs, do they scoop?... It all adds up. We help you through the maze. It’s all we do. We work for you.

Don’t spend half your life talking to five different PEO salesmen. Let us get the Quotes for you, compare them and negotiate them better than you can

Check out Insperity's set up fees.

We've Got Clout.

Direct sales reps don’t have the buying power of a large distributor.

Use brokers now for medical, and workers comp - for a good reason. Would you hire someone who’s just painted a small shed in his backyard to paint your house, or would you rather hire a fully serviced professional painting crew? That’s the difference.

See how it works.

SBE479 Plans give HR and C-Suite support to businesses. These kinds of services gobble up your time and money, and not all companies have the resources to do it well. This includes things like tax compliance, payroll, benefits, ACA, things that cause employee Lawsuits, Government audits and other HR and Technology related services.

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We are the largest independent PEO Broker Firm. We have no allegiances to the PEOs. We will get you great quotes and straightforward answers. Access to our wholesale prices and the easiest shopping process.

We know this process can be daunting. Don't go at it alone. Take a close look at shopping process we explain here.

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