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Your insurance broker is a relic. Antiquated.

They were great when the benefits landscape was easier, but times have changed. This new law has shaken up the industry, and brokers are in the dark. They’ll never tell you about the new laws because their commissions are far less than buying groups.

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  • -This is all we do. We know which buying groups are legitimate
  • -We have clout with the buying groups
  • -We have a great team with experienced underwriters
  • -Not all buying groups are the same. We will match you with the right one
  • -Deep experience with group healthcare and workman’s compensation

A talented team with over 50 years of insurance experience.

David Collier

Corp Controller - Alvarado

"This one is similar in size and we just went through a long very detailed set of negotiations with them comparing their previous vendor and several options – again shows we are totally PEO vendor agnostic."

Andrea Bierman

HR – Syncora

"We have helped them shop and transition to and from and through a drastic size reduction and through two different PEO’s - this will show you that we really do provide ongoing service (almost every PEO broker sells a case and almost literally disappears – we do not!) and will also show you our total objectivity regarding any vendor (we shop and always look for the best solution and deal and are not wed to any vendor)"

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